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A guaranteed job

A Guaranteed Job

Once you have qualified, you have the security and peace of mind of our ‘Guaranteed Placement” which guarantees you a position as a franchised driving instructor should you with to take one.

We have our very own driving school that will be able to take you on as a local driving instructor providing you with ongoing support to help you launch a successful career as a Driving Instructor in your local area.

You will be able to have a brand new company tuition car which is fully insured and maintained.  

Guaranteed Position & Money Back

Ongoing Support

Our trainers will help you through the Guaranteed Placement process helping you to find the position that offers you the greatest security and earning potential.

Guaranteed Placements are available with or without supplied tuition cars on both a full or part time basis. The choice is yours. Our team have the flexibility of the market at our finger tips and will use that to help boost your career.

If you are excited about this opportunity to start your new career then fill in the enquiry to receive your free information pack, a free copy of the highway code and a free copy of know your traffic signs.

Complete the form to get started or call our dedicated Training Team on 0800 044 3825. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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