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The Job

The Job

There are currently around 39,000 Driving Instructors in the UK and each year a proportion of these will retire allowing new instructors such as yourself to enter the industry.

In the UK on average over 750,000 people a year will pass their driving test. The majority of these will take lessons with a Driving Instructor.

The average learner will take an average of 47+ hours of professional driving tuition with an approved Driving Instructor.

Based on the average lesson rate of £35 per hour this means that a pupil will be paying around £1645 to pass their driving test!

Job Satisfaction

Becoming a Driving Instructor can be very lucrative for any Driving Instructor entering the industry.

Learning to drive remains an essential skill for the majority of the working population. A skill they will need a Driving Instructor to obtain.

You will benefit from doing a job that you enjoys with real satisfaction of teaching a skill for life to new driver.

Choose your own working hours to fit around your family life and work in a stress free environment.  Enjoy your working life again.

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