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Earning Potential

Earning Potential

The DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) conducted 1,910,169 driving tests between April 2017 – March 2018 with a average of 46.3% of those tests resulting in a test pass.

Many driving schools across the UK are charging the pupils more than £35 per hour usually subject to a minimum of a two-hour lesson booking.

Below are some typical industry illustrations based on typical industry examples which are popular for many new ADIs.

This illustration is based on a ‘full franchise’ with a supplied tuition car and franchise fee combined. This would typically include car insurance, tax and maintenance.

Flexible Options

If you prefer to lease or supply your own Driving School car and work on a ‘Headboard’ franchise, then you will see your weekly franchise fee drop by typically £100 per week. This is a good option for when you feel a little more established in your career and you are starting to get pupil recommendations.

The idea of a ‘full franchise’ like this is that you use an established National or Local Driving School’s brand and name to help you build your own reputation. You pay a cut of your earnings in return for the car, marketing, support etc.

They may already have pupils ready to teach and may well need you in their area.

Weekly Figures

Income from Pupils

Based on 40 hours x £35.00 per hour
x48 weeks = £67200


Franchise Fee

(car/pupils/insurance/road tax/accountant etc..)
£220 – (Average Cost)

Take Home Pay

Income from Pupils

x48 Weeks = £51,360

A simple lesson price increase of £2 per hour can increase your income by £80 per week or £4160 per year.

If you arrange your own tuition car then you can save up to £100 per week adding a further £5200 per annum to your income.

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